Social Media Experiments

Rick's Social Media Experiment

Social Media Experiments

After all the adventures with Webcorp and the premature end of that adventure I had learned a couple of things.

  • A renewed appreciation  for my daytime job. By the end of 2015 I got exited about projectmanagement and the program I had been building for 4 yours again and decided to go for it once more.
  • That a setback can take you down and admit failure or it can make you become creative and explore different options to achieve the goals you wanted to achieve in the first place.
  • There are far more people who like to see you fail in life than succeed in life. That has nothing to do with your success or failure and everything with their own fears or lack of actions.

So I decided not to quit my day time job, go for it with enthusiastically and to try something else also.

Something else

Something else still means trying to make it online and trying to find ways to make some money in the online communities. I had a little experience in Fan Pages on Facebook. I had my personal fan page and had build(bought) an audience with around 3000 people. So I figured I could try and start a couple of Fan Pages on certain niches. One of the big lessons from the last couple of years is to pick a niche that you are exited about and can stay exited about. In general the more specific the better it is.

The first thing I tried was a page around the Star Wars figure Yoda. That page picked up rather well and it didn’t take me long to grow it also up to 3500 – 4000 fans. And than it kind of stalled. Turns out that Yoda although well known in the specific Star Wars culture didn’t had that much quotes to constantly grow a page. I still have the page and its still growing. But very slowly.

Dog Niche

Then I started with a Jack Russell Fan Page. And wow that one took of really well. I started that page around the first of February and found that the owners of a Jack Russell are highly engaged. Everything I posted got good engagement, people really liked it. That brought me in a position were it was actually not that hard for me to grow the page. The page grew largely organic over the last months. By now its approaching the 60000 followers on Facebook. Started out with the name Love My Jack Russel and changed that a couple of months ago to Awesome Jack Russell Terriers. Along the way I learned that using Facebook Ads can really boost growth or engagement or number of likes so I

Growth on Awesome Jack Russell Terriers
The growth on the Awesome Jack Russell Terriers

started to use that.


Growth on Awesome Chihuahua
the growth on the Awesome Chihuahua page

Then I started building a lot of these pages. My next project was a dog that was a whole other breed, the Chihuahua. I choose that dog because I found that there is a very large community with very active engaged people. The reason I renamed my Jack Russell page was that I was planning on building more Fan Pages with Similar names. So the Chihuahua page is called Our Awesome Chihuahuas. With the help of Facebook Ads and funding from revenue from the other page, growth on this page is much faster than on the Jack Russell Page. In a period from October 1 up to November 26 it has grown up to almost 10.000 followers. As soon as I hit that number the next page will be getting my special attention. That will be the Awesome French Bulldog page. This one has as of today 7 Likes… So it would be nice to lift that one to 10.000 followers over the month of December.

Where is the Money?

How can you monetize Fan Pages? Where is the money in a Fan Page. The money is in the numbers. The more people you have engaged on your fan page the more you can drive people to do something you would like them to do. Wether it is a promotion of a T-shirt (done that) or a product on Amazon(doing that) or driving them to a website that has your Google Adsense codes on it(doing that).  If the numbers are big enough it becomes easier to make some money. It all makes sense. If you have a page with 1000 fans (which isn’t that bad) and you post an Amazon product chances are maybe 5 percent click on that post. 50 people click on the post. Maybe 5 people from that 50 actually buy something. Amazon isn’t great when it comes to an affiliate partner because you only get between 4 – 8 percent of a sale. So lets say you sell your dog audience a dog calendar for $17 dollar..

4% of $17 = $0,68 times 5 Fans = $ 3,40. So with a good post and a 1000 Fans you can make $ 3.40 hmmm. Now lets asume that page isn’t 1000 but 100000 fans big and lets have the same percentages.. 5% of 100000 = 5000 Fans click the link. 10% of that make a sale that is 500 * $0,68 = $ 340,– Much better don’t you think?

Traffic to my websiteThere is also good money in Adsense. That is something I found out after months of struggling with Amazon. Somewhere in September I found out that when I made a blogpost on a website with a good video in there and surrounded the video with Google Adsense (and some Amazon search ads) and posted the link on the Fan Page that I was capable of sending 1000’s of people to that specific page on my website. Saw some pretty good results with that over the last couple of months.

What is the plan?

Well Like I said I’m building my dog pages one by one. At this time I have around 20 pages that I’m preparing for growth. What that means is that I have created the pages, that I have the names, the covers, the profile pictures and that I’m filling these pages with pictures. Not actively promoting them to the Facebook Public yet. Reason for that is once they start growing you need to take daily care of the page. Focus is important. So the plan is grow a page to 10.000 Followers and pick up the next one. Like I said next on the list are the French Bulldogs.



Building pages and getting content on the pages is hard and time consuming work. You can post crappy stuff but than you will lose your Fan faster than you can gain them. I use a tool to manage my pages. It is a subscription to a $10 a month service. With that service I can manage as much pages as I like. The service helps me finding good content and scheduling that up to 500 posts per page in advance. There are people who think I don’t sleep at night but that is just the product doing its work. What I use is called FPTraffic and its by far the best product I have seen so far.

Examples of my Fan Pages

Awesome Jack Russell Terriers

Our Awesome Chihuahuas

Awesome French Bulldogs

Yoda Quotes

Rick Wedzinga Fan page