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Healthy living

Most of you don’t know me any other way. But I didn’t have that well trained body my whole life. As a matter of fact for the better part of my live  exercise was not exactly my idea of healthy living. Ever since I was young I didn’t particularly enjoyed  working out. Started smoking when I was 14 and kept that habit for 10 years. Healthy Living (no) However, Military Service and training when I started working for the department of Justice gave me some sense of the positive effects that is has on the body. It was a different time back then. There were not to many gyms and Jane Fonda was just starting to take over the world with her training videos. So with not to much physical exercise and a lot of fast food my health was not exactly optimal.

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It took me till my 30’s to actually start with serious  training. We are talking about the 90’s here. I was still pretty young and my weight was around 120 kg’s. I literally started running/ well jogging back then and started dropping weight. I ran and ran and then some more. Went from 120 kg’s down to 100, to 90, 85, 80, 75, 72.. Got really good and fast running and was able to keep up that regime for years. Mind you me at 72 was to much. I remember always being cold and having a hard time sitting on a chair because there was not much left on my ass. Somewhere after a long time it dawned upon me that I was killing my joints and after a change in working environment which also include a daily commute for 3 hours I slowly felt back into my bad habits. My weight went up slowly but steadily and at some point I even stopped training all together. Caring for my health was no longer a part of my daily routine.

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I recall  a picture of myself shot in 2006 on the balcony of a hotel in Thailand where I looked really really unhealthy. Smoking, eating bad and drinking enough had a devastating effect on my health. At that point I was tipping the scales again at 120 kgs the only types of physical exercise I had was walking  to the car. Training was not a part of my life at that moment. Right then and there I decided to start training again and what was even more important was the fact that I decided that  I want to start living a healthy lifestyle. I joined a gym and started training on various types of workouts again. Mostly cardio based training to start with. I stopped smoking at the same time and the weight started coming off. In a matter of a month I started seeing the benefits of physical exercise again.

Fast forward

Healthy Living (yes) Somewhere in the last 9 years, I think some 7 years ago I switched from mainly cardio to mainly strength training. That switch worked wonders for the body. This time it was far easier for me to keep the weight off, be a lot heavier but healthier than the first time. So now I have been able to successfully drop a lot of weight, quit smoking and live a healthy lifestyle. Which is kind of special. Even more so if you know the chance of being successful in either loosing weight or quitting smoking over a prolonged period are almost zero. Only 1 in a 100 or even less than that are capable of a lasting result. Failure rates are extremely high. It is not about loosing the weight but about keeping it off once you have lost it. It is about a lifestyle change. And I’m so glad I managed that for almost a decade now. The whole proces has been one big learning experience and has definitely changed my outlook on life and strengthened my opinion that everything is possible if you put your mind to it.

Healthy Living Videos

Ever since I noticed that one of my  videos got well over 10.000 views I picked up the camera again and shoot short videos of my various exercises I do. If you managed to come to this point you can enjoy or laugh at my training videos. Either way have fun watching. And maybe get inspired to start your path to Healthy Living.

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Eat More Not Less To Lose Weight