Dutch Domain Specialist

Dutch Domain Specialist, Rick Wedzinga

Rick Wedzinga, the Dutch Domain Specialist

Rick says there still is a big future in the domaining market. The internet is growing and growing and over the years literally has exploded. These days almost everybody is connected on multiple devices simultaneously. Think about it, you bring your notebook, macbook or laptop, along with a kind of iPad or

Dutch Domain Specialist, Rick Wedzinga
Dutch Domain Specialist, Rick Wedzinga

look alike and you carry your mini pc (your smartphone) with you. With a bit of luck you are permanently connected to the internet in at least 2 ways and almost 24/7365. This exploding market is also growing because we connect every possible device to the net so it can operate on its own.

As with every development there are more sides to all those developments. The mere fact that everybody is permanently connected also means that we are permanently watched. We are being watched through camera’s for security purposes but also through private cameras. Every smartphone is a videocamera on its own. People are installing traffic cams in their cars for ‘just in case’ A bit of good old ‘police brutality” gets taped at least 20 times and when there is a disaster changes are that you can sit front row because there are always people connected and recording it.

Now that we are all hooked on the internet and we have killed almost every real store the demand for good domain names is bigger than ever says Rick Wedzinga, the Dutch Domain Specialist. Rick who has been online every since the early days of the internet purchased his first domain name wedzinga.com back in 1995 but foolishly let it go in 2005. These days he owns a growing portfolio of mostly dot coms and a couple of new gtlds. Rick doesn’t dislike the dutch .NL extension but is in general geared towards developing business that can deliver products and services to a global audience. Rick also says that if your a local company that it is more logical to purchase a local cctld. (country code top level domain). Being from a relatively small country in the world Rick sees the important differences between the United States and Europe for instance. On the American Continent dot com rules. Com rules says Rick. new extensions are up and coming but for now mostly being purchased by investors.

On the European Market the playing field isn’t the same. When looking at the Dutch field Rick’s Domain Specialty the dot NL extension is the most used extension. Everyone in the Netherlands will instinctively search for a dot NL extension. Google knows and favors local search results. So for a local hairdresser in Gouda it wouldn’t make much sense to purchase goudahairdresser.com. kappergouda.nl makes much more sense. Also the the dutch word with the dot com extension doesn’t make sense. So should you never buy a dot com if you are a local business?

Well that depends Rick says. If you are a local store now and you will remain a local store then there is no point. However if you are a local store now but your product has the potential to be delivered to a far bigger customer base it can make sense to go after a dot com also. Furthermore says Rick. If you are out to purchase a name and you can get both just do it as a precaution. But focus on the dot nl and acquire the dot com if possible.

Ricks Domains.

Ricks wife started out in the domaining world and Rick with his background in information technology, a lot of web development experience from the past and a 15 year project management experience just entered the field in developing on the names his wife purchased. it didn’t took him long to start socializing with other domainers in the world and hooking up with some of the really big names. After a couple of months he started working with Canadian Adam Dicker,

Dutch Domain Specialist Rick Wedzinga working together with Adam Dicker
Dutch Domain Specialist, working together with Adam Dicker

a well known and decorated authority on both domaining and business development. Rick joined his company and got Adam to mentor him. Being close to the master he gained a lot of first hand experience and expert advice from every portfolio review, coaching call and all other interactions. Adam, being Canadian, has a sentimental feeling for the dot CA market and owns a lot of names. Rick jokes that will Canada is maybe 100 times bigger than the Netherlands it only has twice the amount of inhabitants. On a global scale a dot ca is also a small town…

Back to his domains. Rick’s passion is in the fitness world. Ever since he saw the light back in 2006 he has been a enthusiastic athlete who turned his life around and got on the healthy wagon. In this area he sees passion one and passion two coming together. How? Well he started developing on fitness related domain names. How is that working out for you Rick, you might ask.. Well, its been quite a discovery, would be his reply. As so much other people, who start developing, find out that its not the website but the traffic to the website that is of key importance. Rick confesses that its kind of discouraging to see your websites only hitting 4-8 visitors a day (on a good day). But, says Rick, if you keep working on your sites and you also include the social media in your plans you can actually see traffic increasing and sometimes doubling, tripling or even more overnight.

Rick explains that he has been working on the social media alongside his domains. So whenever he starts working on a new website he also starts working on a Facebook fan page and these days also a Pinterest account with related content. A fast growing social media account can be a goldmine traffic wise Rick says. He has seen on more than one occasion that just really good pin on Pinterest increases traffic from 10 to 150 visitors overnight.

So what has this to do with being the Dutch Domain Specialist?

Everything Rick explains. The better your names the easier is becomes to develop. A good name is gold says Rick. Now that we are so connected and everybody googles everything its crucial for companies and entrepreneurs that they think before the act. Don’t come up with a fancy company name that you can’t purchase for your online presence or worse that nobody knows how to spell so nobody can find. Get some assistance when thinking about names Rick suggests.

Doest this also apply for other ccTLD’s?

Of course says Rick. There are some local variations but the general principles always apply. The better the name the easier it gets. The European country codes all listen to the same rules. In global geo preferences you see some variations in searching says Rick. Its good to check how you would search in your own country. Say what? Well says Rick. When you search for a service or a product in the US you typically set the geo first and the service second.. You search for New York Dentists, Plumbers, Restaurants and so on.. In the Netherlands for instance you search for a Restaurant in Amsterdam precisely the opposite. There are more differences but they go beyond the scope of this article.

Is Rick available for advice? Of course says Rick, an initial advice, a first reaction is always possible, just connect to me through my contact page says Rick, or just connect to me on Skype, i’m on there every day…